"The Spy" is the 10th episode of Season 3. The English-German translated title is also "The Spy."

Plot synopsisEdit

Bigwig uses Silverweed's influence to turn Hawkbit and Dandelion's original ideas against them when they attempt to slack off. Spartina is sent by Woundwort to befriend Hazel and the others and act as a spy for him. She fakes injury in order to be taken in by them. However, Silverweed soon learns of her real objective. Spartina tells Granite that if she does not return to Darkhaven by the next full moon, Granite is to kill Blackberry. Blackberry is chased by Granite, but the male gets injured and the doe helps him. Vervain has her punished for showing mercy. Spartina is enraptured with Watership Down. She doesn't know what to do after having seen it with her own two eyes, and she fell in love with Bigwig.



Video Edit

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 10- The Spy

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 10- The Spy

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