"The Magic" is the 13th episode of Season 3, and the final episode of the series. The English-German translated title is "The Last Battle."

"Magic" is also the English-German translated title of episode 8, "Darkhaven."

Plot synopsisEdit

It's time to end the war once and for all. Both sides collide and there can be only one winner. After the first attack, both sides are injured and weakened, but they must keep fighting. Hazel tells them he'll stay and fight while the others escape to a new warren, but the warren refuses to leave their leader. Bigwig also goes one on one with Woundwort and Hannah plans to use 'the magic' to finally be rid of Woundwort forever, but Silverweed knows that a high price must be paid to use it. So he plans to use it, instead of Hannah. Upon doing so the Black Rabbit of Inlé soars down from the thunder clounds and, creating a powerful whirlwind, takes Woundwort and his army to the Shadow Lands. Watership Down finally survives.



Video Edit

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 13- The Magic

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 13- The Magic

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