"The Eyes of Silverweed" is the 9th episode of Season 3. The English-German translated title is "An Unfair Due."

Plot synopsisEdit

Silverweed traps Fiver in a twisted dreamworld illusion, allowing him to invade Fiver's mind and see through his eyes to learn the location of Watership Down for his master Woundwort. Fiver manages to fight off Silverweed's hold, but not before Silverweed deduces that Watership Down is "in the high hills, near a lone beech tree." Hazel realizes how dangerous Silverweed is, so he and the others journey to Darkhaven with the intent of kidnapping him. Meanwhile, Campion and Blackberry have the same idea, whilst Granite becomes Woundwort's new second-in-command when he challenges Vervain to single combat. Vervain forfeits rather than face the stronger Granite and then gets it back by cheating. Fiver gets inside Silverweed's head and the mystic decides to go with Hazel to Watership Down. Silverweed is happy to be free at last.



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Watership Down Season 3 Episode 9 The Eyes of Silverweed

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 9 The Eyes of Silverweed

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