"The Betrayal" is the 11th episode of Season 3. The English-German translated title is "Campion's Betrayal."

Plot synopsisEdit

Spartina soon gets found out by the other Watership Down rabbits and she confesses everything, even admitting putting Blackberry in danger. Silverweed allows Bigwig to see into Spartina's heart, but the male is frightened by her feelings for him and runs off. Granite attempts to help Campion and Blackberry escape out of gratitude. Silverweed sees a vision involving Hannah's future, but refuses to admit it. After finding out of Spartina's betrayal, Woundwort uses her and Blackberry to make Campion confess where Watership Down is and to lead his army into battle there. After Fiver's vision, Hazel knew the time had come to stop the enemy once and for all.



Video Edit

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 11- The Betrayal

Watership Down Season 3 Episode 11- The Betrayal

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