Tabitha, as she appears in the tv series

Tabitha is a character from the tv series who replaces the male cat, Tab, from the book. She is the farmer's cat who lives in Nuthanger Farm.Tabitha is one of the major antagonists of Watership Down series.

TV SeriesEdit

Tabitha is a clever carnivore who taunts her prey. She also has a sort of goal to kill Hazel, and has a rivalry towards him. She first appeared when Kehaar was scavenging for food and attacked him, but was soon stalled by the rabbits, giving Kehaar enough time to escape. Afterwards, Tabitha didn't give chase and began eating her food that Kehaar was eating.

Later, Hazel, Fiver, and Pipkin returned to Nuthanger Farm to free some of the Hutch rabbits. Tabitha discovered the three bucks and attacked them, succeeding in trapping Hazel inside the barn for a short while. When it seemed she had him cornered, Hazel bolted out from the other side of his temporary shelter, while Tabitha became disoriented when a flower pot fell on top of her head.

In the episode, Tale of a Mouse, Tabitha became one of the two obstacles at Nuthanger Farm when the rabbits try to steal flayrah from the farm's vegetable yard that was guarded by the guard dog, Duster. She first attacked Hannah the mouse inside the house, but later spotted Hazel and his Owsla outside as a bigger meal. Tabitha sprung for the kill, and the rabbits fled to the safety of the undergrowth with the exception of Fiver, whom Tabitha trapped underneath a wheelbarrow. Unknown to her, Fiver escaped by means of digging a tunnel to the vegetable yard. Duster discovered the tunnel and dug his way into it, then emerged from the wheelbarrow using the tunnel to chase after Tabitha as his idea for revenge.

In the episode, 'The Betrayal', Tabitha appeared again, attacking a fleeing Spartina inside the barn in Nuthanger Farm, but was driven away by Bigwig, Hazel, Hawkbit, Dandelion, and Fiver.

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