Spartina is one of Darkhaven's warrior does. She was sent by Woundwort to trick the Watership Down rabbits into thinking that she is their friend, so she may spy on them and to find the location of their warren. However, while she was there, Silverweed managed to see through her guise with his powers and she confessed everything to Hazel and the others, as she is beginning to have feelings for Bigwig.

She returned to Darkhaven, in order to save Blackberry from being killed by Granite, who was instructed by her to kill Blackberry under the next full moon, since she was under Woundwort's orders. However, she is soon held prisoner along with Blackberry. Later Spartina managed to escape along with Campion and Blackberry, and aided the Watership Down rabbits in their fight against Woundwort. It is assumed that she settles down with Bigwig at Watership Down after the final battle.


Spartina is a cunning and smart doe. She is a strong fighter and she has far more than just a pretty face. Spartina was sent by Woundwart to spy on the Watership Down rabbits, but she eventually turned against Woundwart and fell in love with Bigwig.


  • Spartina is Bigwig's love interest in the series.
  • Spartina's former friends are Shale and Felspar.
  • The color of Spartina's fur is lilac.
  • Spartina is a name of the genus of a Cord grass.
  • Spartina is voiced by an unknown voice actress.
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