Skree is an orphaned hawk who appeared in the Watership Down tv series as a friendly elil. In the third season, he serves as a replacement for Kehaar when he left Watership Down with his new mate Gluk.

TV SeriesEdit

Skree first appeared when his mother left the nest to hunt for food. Shortly afterwards, Skree accidentally fell from the nest and wanders off. Unaware that his mother was killed by Woundwort, Skree found his way to the Junior Owsla led by Pipkin and attempted to attack them, but was frightened back by Kehaar. Pipkin realized that Skree needed help as he was defenseless without his mother and decided to help the hawk. Kehaar taught Skree how to fish and fly, and Skree developed a liking to rabbits. After a brief misunderstanding, Hazel was amazed to see a hawk calling out that the Watership rabbits are his friends. After Kehaar left Watership Down with his mate to the city, Skree served as his replacement for aerial scouting throughout the rest of the series, and has lived on Watership Down. In the final battle against Woundwort and his army, Skree was a formidable aerial combatant.

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