Ragwort is a buck from Efrafa, he is also in the Owsla. He helped Captain Mallow and the others to dig out a warren found by Captain Orchis to add rabbits to Efrafa. He took part in the attack on Watership Down, but it is unknown what happens to him afterwards.

2018 Miniseries[edit | edit source]

In this version, Ragwort is the brother of Woundwort and Milkwort. As kittens, they are taken by their father to raid a garden, Woundwort being ordered to keep watch while the others joyfully feast on cabbages. However, a fox watches them from the bushes, and, due to Woundwort going tharn, is able to ambush and kill Ragwort, Milkwort and their father.

Trvia[edit | edit source]

In an unused storyboard for the Netflix series, Ragwort survives the fox attack along with Woundwort. Both brothers are captured afterwards by a human and are kept in a hutch for some time before Woundwort breaks them out. They flee back into the wild and soon find Efrafa. During their time in the hutch, Ragwort is shown to be disturbed by the dark shift in his brother's personality.

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