Rabscuttle was El-ahrairah's sidekick and Captain of his Owsla.


In the stories narrated by Dandelion, Rabscuttle accompanied El-ahrairah on his journey to The Black Rabbit of Inle. He also helped El-ahrairah with all of his tricks. Rabscuttle loved his country and his people so much he would die for El-ahraiah and the other rabbits.

During the war against King Darzin, King Darzin's people were attacking El-ahrairah's Warren. They didn't let El-ahrairah's people out of their burrows, so Rabscuttle and El-ahrairah set off to make a bargain with The Black Rabbit of Inle, to kill off King Darzin and his people. The Black Rabbit made a bargain that if El-ahrairah beat him in a game of bobstones, and a story that can beat The Black Rabbits, then The Black Rabbit will kill King Darzin and his people. El-ahrairah accepted to these terms and lost. The Black Rabbit's side of the bargain was, El-ahrairah would have to give up his tail and his ears to The Black Rabbit.

When they returned to their home, a new generation of rabbits were there, and they won the war against King Darzin. The new generation was a careless group of Rabbits that didn't seem to recognize El-ahrairah nor Rabscuttle. Rabscuttle asked if there were any survivors of the War against King Darzin. The Rabbits told them that there were the Elder veteran rabbits.

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