Prince Rainbow was a messenger for Lord Frith. He had a rivalry towards El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle. At one point, he sent in a double agent named Hufsa to spy on El-ahrairah. Prince Rainbow purposely started planting a garden of Carrots, and if he caught anyone trying to steal these carrots, he'd kill them.

El-ahrairah plotted to make Hufsa seem mentally ill, when he stole the carrots. And so he did by making a hedgehog sing to the moon, and a pheasant swim in a river. He had also made Rabscuttle dress up as an odd rabbit with green ears and a red tail and act as a messenger from Lord Frith himself. The following morning, Hufsa had reported to Prince Rainbow that El-ahrairah had stolen Carrots from the Prince's garden. El Ahrairah was sent to court in order of the prince, only the jury were all Elil. El-ahrairah asked Hufsa to explain the story, and so he did. The Jury came up with the conclusion that he was delusional and sent El-ahrairah free. Yet Prince Rainbow knew that this was the rabbit's Mischief.

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