Primrose is a rabbit character who only appeared in the Watership Down television series. She is Hazel's mate and once lived in the Redstone Warren, prior to being enslaved by Efrafa. She replaces Hazel's mate, Hyzenthlay, from the original novel (though it is likely that she is the TV Series counterpart of Hyzenthlay). She is also the mother of her and Hazel's kittens, Snowdrop, Mallow, and Gilia.

TV SeriesEdit

Primrose lived at Redstone and along with Blackavar, was captive in Efrafa until their rescue by the Watership Down rabbits. Primrose is very supportive of Hazel, who becomes her mate, and is also a dedicated mother to her three children, Snowdrop, Mallow, and Gilia (who were fathered by Hazel). She and Campion also have a strong bond due to being saved by him multiple times back in Efrafa. In Efrafa, she showed a rebellious and stubborn attitude toward Vervain, who bullied and tormented her at every given opportunity, by constantly disobeying him and ignoring his snide bullying; Vervain disliked this and told Campion how he wanted to make her fear him. Despite her deep hatred for Vervain, she, Fiver, Holly, and Captain Broom saved his life when he was caught in some wire, although in the beginning she protested the idea of helping the rabbit "that made her life miserable." Later she hates herself for letting him go when she finds out he formed an alliance out of fear with Woundwort.



Primrose's kittens in season 3 of the TV series (from left to rigt: Gilia, Snowdrop, Mallow)