Pipkin is a chubby, smaller male rabbit. Because of the fact he's young and slightly obese, he's the slowest rabbit and has the tendency to fall behind and also be seen panting heavily, out of breath when done traveling for a long distance. He's dark brown and is around the same size as Fiver.

In the books Edit

In the book, Pipkin is a very small rabbit who is very timid. He is quite attached to Hazel and trusts him. He was originally a friend of Fiver's. Perhaps as a result of his shy nature, he is quite perceptive about the behaviour of other rabbits; he is the first to identify that the rabbits of Cowslip's Warren appear sad and that they seem to be very poor fighters.

In the Movie Edit

Pipkin is one of the rabbits who escaped from the doomed Warren. He made it to Watership Down with Hazel and the rest, and also survived the last battle against General Woundwort. Pipkin is seen as innocent, cowardly and also rather cute. He shows a great fear of dogs, cats and anything dangerous. When Hazel asked Pipkin to go with him to look around the farm for hutch rabbits, Pipkin was hesitant. He also seems to walk sideways when scared and trying to back out. When the rabbits talked of going to Efrafa, Pipkin was seen hiding behind Silver. Despite his timid nature, he seemed interested in Kehaar flying. Pipkin stayed at the Warren during the final battle with Woundwort, but seemed to stay hidden protected by Bigwig.

TV Series Edit

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Pipkin in the TV series

Pipkin's fate and character remains the same along with his position, however he is changed to being a young rabbit in the series. He also has more red-like fur than most of the characters. Pipkin is less cowardly in the series and a bit more on the brave side although his slow part remains. He even was brave enough to ask Woundwort questions about his life and even protect General Woundwort. Also he kept a huge secret from the warren, which was that he had been nursing an injured Campion back to health. He's one of the worst students in Bigwig's class in the first two seasons until season 3, when the Junior Owsla is established and he becomes more skilled (which even Bigwig praises). In the series, Pipkin seems to really look up to Bigwig. We see Pipkin do things in the series we would never see him do in the film or novel.


  • Pipkin is voiced by Roy Kinnear in the film and by Elliot Henderson-Boyle in the television series.
  • Pipkin is absent in the 2018 miniseries, though the character of Bluebell fulfills Pipkin's capacity as the small, somewhat timid member with an innocent personality.
  • Pipkin's voice actor, Roy Kinnear, had a son, Rory Kinnear, who voiced Cowslip in the 2018 miniseries.
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