The Marks refer to a type of ranking in Efrafa , which serves as an identification to other members. Rabbits born in Efrafa are marked as kittens: they are bitten, deep, and under the chin or in a haunch or forepaw. Then they can be told by the scar for the rest of their lives. The same procedure is repeated whenever a member of a Mark is transferred to another Mark or for rabbits who are forcefully inducted into Efrafa.

Types of Marks Edit

Near Fore Mark: Mark given near the front leg. Members include Captain Bugloss (former). Blackavar used to be a member of this Mark before his attempted escape and subsequent mutilation by the Owslafa.

Right Fore Mark: Mark given in the right foreleg. Members include Captain Mallow (deceased). Hyzenthlay and Thethuthinnang were former members of this Mark before being transferred to the Near Hind Mark.

Off Fore Mark: Mark given near the left or right foreleg.

Near Hind Mark: Mark given near the hind leg. Notable members include Captain Chervil, Avens, Marjoram, Moneywort, Hyzenthlay, Thethuthinnang, Vilthuril, Thrayonlosa, and Nelthilta. Whilst infiltrating Efrafa, Bigwig was assigned to this Mark. Numerous other does from this Mark escaped from Efrafa along with Bigwig and Hyzenthlay.

Left Flank Mark: Mark given in the left flank. Members include Groundsel.

Right Flank Mark: Mark given in the right flank. Former members include Captain Bugloss (demoted). During their brief stay in Efrafa, Holly, Buckthorn, Silver, and Strawberry were inducted into this Mark but were never marked because they were not noticed due to the overcrowding.

Neck Mark: Mark given on the Neck, Members include, Captain Sainfoin, Coltsfoot and Thistle.

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