Laurel A "short-haired black Angora" buck. He is freed by the Watership rabbits along with the other hutch rabbits, Clover, Boxwood, and Haystack, but is recaptured soon after.

Miniseries Edit

Laurel appears in the miniseries, and is a doe, instead of a buck. Her voice actress is unknown. She is a pale beige color all around, making her the only hutch rabbit without markings.

She is first shown inside the hutch in the barn, along with the other hutch rabbits, Clover, Boxwood, and Haystack. She's the one that vocally questions the idea of freedom, but seems to like it when Clover explains it to the three of them. After Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig fail to save them the first time, they are moved inside the house.

Laurel Tharn

Laurel goes tharn in front of the car's headlights.

Hazel goes in the house alone, and gets the rabbits' cage open. As soon as the rabbits get out, they start wandering around the room. But then, Tab comes in, and corners all five rabbits. However, Bigwig and Fiver come in and save them. The villainous cat then jumps up onto a shelf, and knocks down a vase, alerting the wife, who quickly recaptures Boxwood.

The remaining rabbits run up the stairs and into Lucy's room. They jump out of the window, and end up on top of the greenhouse. They then jump off of that, but as they run across the road, the farmer drives up with his car, and Laurel goes tharn in front of the headlights. Hazel attempts to snap her out of it, but she gets recaptured by the wife.

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