Hufsa is a rabbit character in a traditional story told by Bluebell.

Bluebell tells a story called "The Story of the Trial of El-ahrairah" that has Hufsa in it. Hufsa was brought only because of Prince Rainbow because the Prince wanted El-ahrairah back in his place, and Hufsa was to live with El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle to live somewhere else. Hufsa told all of El-ahrairah's plans by secretly telling Prince Rainbow, but in return El-ahrairah made Hufsa look like a fool when he managed to steal the prince's new carrots in the process.

El-ahrairah went with Hufsa to steal the carrots but made so many animals do strange things along the way that no one believed Hufsa's story during the trail. The jury was made up of entirely elil (enemies of rabbits) acquitted El-ahrairah, and Prince Rainbow took Hufsa away.