Granite is one of the Darkhaven Warren rabbits and a minor antagonist. He was the Chief Rabbit of Darkhaven warren until Campion came and challenged him to a fight. As Campion won, he became Chief Rabbit and Granite lost his post. Later when General Woundwort becomes Chief Rabbit, Granite challenges Vervain to take his place. Vervain was afraid of Granite so he gave Granite his place without a fight. Later, Vervain regained his post.

After Spartina joins the side of the Watership Down rabbits, Granite still follows General Woundwort to the last battle atop Watership Down. He later flees and avoids the fate of Woundwort and his Darkhaven army when the Black Rabbit of Inlé was summoned by Silverweed and takes them away.


Although he is not the bravest of rabbits, as shown when he cowers before General Woundwort and flees from the Black Rabbit of Inle, Granite nevertheless has a strong sense of loyalty to those who deserve it. Although originally ordered by Spartina to kill Blackberry if she does not return by the time of the full moon, Granite decides he cannot go through with it after Blackberry heals a severe head injury and he tries to help her and Campion escape. He is also willing to fight against every rabbit in Darkhaven in order to protect Blackberry, showing that his sense of loyalty can win out over his more cowardly side, unlike Vervain who flees at the first sign of danger. Granite's loyalty to Woundwort is more likely born out of fear than respect due to Woundwort's reputation as the "Dark One", but nevertheless he confesses that he wishes he could live a happy life like the Watership Down rabbits. Although he occassionally gives in to fear, Granite can also be very stubborn, as shown when he continuously challenges Campion to win back his leadership, only to get defeated every time.

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