A Shepherd dog in TV series

Dogs are the persistent type of elil, working alongside Man to help them hunt big and small animals such as rabbits.


The guard dog from Nuthanger Farm, named Bob, in the book and in the film, is known for ridding Watership Down of the Efrafan rabbits who were standing guard outside, and attacking General Woundwort, whose body was never found after the attack and an injured Bob returned to the farm.

A dog named Rowsby Woof, in the Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog story that Dandelion tells guards a house garden. He is tricked by El-ahrairah into thinking the rabbit is a dog named Fairy Wogdog and leaves the house. Later, he is tricked into thinking there is a disease that will murder his master and the only way he can stop it is if he runs around his master's house 4 times. When he does this, El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle leave the house with some of the cabbages from the garden.

TV Series Edit

Fiver wondered why dogs talked only in the El-ahairah stories and not in real life. Hazel responds by that dogs probably did talk in the old days, but no longer remember the language of the rabbits, possibly having abandoned it to live with man.

A dog named Duster served as a recurring obstacle between Hazel's Owsla and the flayrah growing within Nuthanger Farm.

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