Dewdrop is a doe that appeared in the miniseries of Watership Down.

She was Hazel's first love interest in Sandleford Warren. She is shown to be aware of Hazel's feelings for her, and she attempts to avoid him at all costs. Later on, after Fiver's vision of the warren's destruction, Hazel asks her to meet them at Frith-down under the bridge, but she expresses doubt over leaving the warren, pointing out that it might be more dangerous outside. She asks him to give her some time to think about it, but she instead informs Captain Holly of their plans, as revealed later on by Fiver.

She later joins Captain Holly and the Owsla on the chase for Hazel and the others.

Dewdrop is later seen attempting to escape the destruction of the warren along with Captain Holly. In the end, she doesn't escape, and is killed along with every other rabbit in the warren, bar Holly.

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