Crows are jet black birds that attack and kill any weak animal that can't defend themselves. However, they are not a major enemy or ally to the rabbits.

Book Edit

Crows appear and are mentioned several times in the book. Notably, whilst Hazel's group is crossing a field, Pipkin, who has fallen behind, is attacked by a crow. Bigwig immediately comes to Pipkin's defense and drives the bird off.

During his chapter, it is revealed that General Woundwort once fought and defeated a crow.

TV SeriesEdit

A flock of crows appeared in the episode, A New World, waiting for an injured and exhausted Campion to die. When the crows were about to attack Campion, Pipkin appears and scares them away.


After taking shelter in the ruins of a church, Hazel's group encounter a flock of crows led by a certain large individual. Hazel tries to talk to the crows, apologizing for their intrusion, but the crows instead attack the rabbits, resulting in a fierce battle. It ends when Bigwig kills the crow leader by biting its throat, causing the rest to flee.