Coltsfoot is a buck, originally an outskirter from Nutley Copse. He was a former member of the Owsla there. When Efrafa took over the warren, he was taken to Efrafa and became a member there. He was chosen for the Battle on Watership Down, and he was on of the five Efrafans that surrendered to Fiver and became members of Watership Down.

History[edit | edit source]

Watership Down[edit | edit source]

He is never mentioned by name in the book, but he was one of the five rabbits that surrendered to Fiver.

Tales from Watership Down[edit | edit source]

In Tales From Watership Down, Coltsfoot gets his own tale, The Rabbit's Ghost Story. Most rabbits avoid him, thinking that he is pestilential.Scabious, Clover and Holly's son, is convinced that he has saw a ghost. Blackavar and Threar say that it must have been a hare, but he is convinced he saw a ghost. Hazel tells him that he hasn't known a rabbit that has ever seen a ghost when Coltsfoot interrupts him, and begins to tell his story. When he lived on Nutley Copse, there was an area where he was told never to go to. He once was out with Mian, Fescue, and Stitchwort. A large dog stoat attacked them and killed Mian. They kept wandering until Coltsfoot came down a slope and there was a rabbit, silflaying. He gave off no scent whatsoever and wasn't fazed when a fly landed on his eye. The rabbit was then shot with a stone by a man and it let out a "lungless squeal". It scarred Coltsfoot, Stitchwort and Fescue for for life.

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