The Chief Rabbit is the leader of a Warren. The Chief has absolute authority over his warren and controls the Owsla of that warren.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Threarah was the Chief Rabbit of the Sandleford Warren.

In the novel and film, the first Chief Rabbit to be seen and encountered was the Threarah (simply referred to as Chief Rabbit in the film). He thought Fiver was incorrect that Sandleford Warren would be destroyed, but was proven wrong. Not much about the Threarah is known, but his name means "rowan tree" in Lapine. His nephew is Silver, who would later go on to join Hazel on his journey.

Cowslip is the Chief Rabbit of his warren, known as the The Warren of Snares.

The second Chief Rabbit to be encountered was Cowslip. Though his official consideration as a Chief Rabbit of the Warren of the Shining Wire was not confirmed until the television series. He has a very easygoing personality, and is convinced that rabbit mythology is mere stories.

Hazel founded his own warren after many dangerous situations.

Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, and the other rabbits founded their own warren at Watership Down, Hampshire after a great deal of exploring. Hazel was Chief Rabbit. He is a strong leader with a talent for bringing out the best in every rabbit.

General Woundwort was the founder and Chief Rabbit of Efrafa until his death.

General Woundwort was the former Chief Rabbit of Efrafa. He was tricked by Bigwig and lost all his does. Later on, Woundwort went to war addecqcvwdcq z saccdw cs sd dw c d scnd attacked Watership Down as revenge and to steal back his does, During the fight, Bob the dog was released from the farm following a brutal fight between Woundwort and Bigwig. Woundwort later went out to fight the dog, but his fate is left uncertain, allowing his spirit to live on as a bogeyman in rabbit folklore. General Woundwort was a cruel and unforgiving tyrant who ruled as a dictator over his miserable warren.

Campion became the Efrafan Chief Rabbit after Woundwort's defeat.

Captain Campion, former Efrafan Owsla officer, became the new Chief Rabbit following the defeat of General Woundwort, though much less strict and more sympathetic, allowing for a pact of peace with the Watership rabbits.

Groundsel is the founder and Chief Rabbit of Vleflain, a warren started as a place for both Efrafan and Watership rabbits to live together in harmony.

In Tales from Watership Down, Vilthuril tells Hazel about a doe named Flyairth who became the founder and Chief Rabbit of a warren called Thinial, which was a warren created and ruled by does. However, she was eventually expelled from the warren due to her growing obsession with the white blindness.

Taking inspiration from Flyairth, Hazel later named Hyzenthlay co-Chief Rabbit of Watership Down

Television series only[edit | edit source]

Hickory, a rabbit who escaped Cowslip's warren with some others, became chief of the then-abandoned Redstone Warren with the help of his doe, Marigold.

Captain Moss and his mate Heather set out to find their own warren following the Battle of Watership Down along with the other remaining Efrafan rabbits.

Granite was chief of Darkhaven Warren before Campion's arrival. He was then defeated by said rabbit in single combat, forfeiting the position to him for a brief time.

Noted Chief Rabbits[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Traditionally, the Chief rabbit would have the Lapine suffix -rah attached to the end of their name, though there are some exeptions, most notably in the TV show.
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