Captain Orchis is an officer in Efrafa. He is only mentioned in the novel, but he appears in the Watership Down miniseries as the secondary antagonist.


Whilst on Wide Patrol, Captain Orchis found another warren and reported it to General Woundwort, who destroyed it and brought back prisoners. He is not seen at all during the book, it must be assumed he is either dead or retired.


Captain Orchis appears in the miniseries, where he has a significantly larger role as the secondary antagonist. He is the brother of Vervain and is voiced by Jason Watkins. He is depicted as a light grey rabbit with blue eyes, and a smaller size and leaner physique than most of the other Efrafans.

He, along with a Wide Patrol capture Captain Holly, Bluebell and Blackberry and take them to Efrafa.

Vervain and Orchis

Orchis with his brother Vervain.

Orchis is devastated and outraged when his brother Vervain is killed by a train whilst trying to stop Holly, Bluebell and Blackberry from escaping. He is then assigned by General Woundwort to break the spirit of an Efrafan doe named Hyzenthlay (who had helped Holly, Bluebell and Blackberry escape). Orchis summons Hyzenthlay and gives her the offer to spy on the other rabbits who wished to escape Efrafa and gives her time to consider the offer. He later confronts Bigwig (who is working undercover for the Watership Down Warren) over causing a fox to attack Captain Campion's Wide Patrol, even though it was an accident.

Hyzenthlay returns to Orchis and tells him that she will spy for him if the other does have better conditions. However, Orchis orders Hyzenthlay to be executed and sadistically reveals that he already has spies and that he was ordered by General Woundwort to break Hyzenthlay, saying that it was "so disappointingly easy". It is then revealed that another, younger doe named Nettle had been Orchis' spy.

At the execution, Orchis orders Bigwig to kill Hyzenthlay. However, Bigwig refuses to do this and along with Hyzenthlay, Clover, Blackavar and several other rabbits, escape Efrafa and go to Watership Down.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 4.11.23 pm

Captain Orchis is attacked and mauled to death by Bob.

Orchis participates in the siege of Watership Down and when Captain Campion refuses to take part in anymore killing, General Woundwort orders Orchis to kill him. Orchis, however, reluctantly backs down, heeding Campion's warnings of not being able to match him in combat. When Bob is lured to the down by Hazel, Orchis is paralyzed by fear at the sight of the huge dog and is mauled to death as a result.

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