Captain Chervil is the Tertiary antagonist of the Book and Film and an Owsla officer assigned to show Bigwig around the warren when he "joins" Efrafa. Like Vervain he is something of a bully, and has severe contempt for the "lesser" Efrafans. He is very callous towards Blackavar in particular.

Film Edit

In the film Chervil takes the role of a rabbit named Bartsia. He guards Blackavar until Bigwig attacks him and frees Blackavar. He presumably bled to death off-screen.

Chervil is voiced by Derek Griffiths. His name is also mispronounced and misspelled by some as "Sherbil".

Miniseries Edit


Captain Chervil in the miniseries

Chervil appears in the miniseries, albeit unnamed, and he doesn't have a unique design. He guards the deep burrows.

Chervil is shown guarding the deep burrows, where the does are kept. Clover asks him to allow her to see General Woundwort. He at first refuses, but when she reveals that she is the hutch rabbit, whom Woundwort wants as his queen, he lets her through.

Later on, when Hyzenthlay is taken to be executed, Thethuthinnang begins singing. Chervil attempts to stop her, but the other does join in, and overpower him. For some strange reason, Captain Orchis doesn't come get him when the does are presumably trying to escape through the west side of the warren. He makes it back up to his post, and declares that he will have them all punished. However, Bigwig, who has freed Hyzenthlay, sneaks up behind him, and kills him, before taking the does. 

He is a large rabbit but he is not as large as General Woundwort and his fur is darker than most rabbits.

Chervil's Death

Captain Chervil is killed by Bigwig.

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